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Most of our shirts are made in-house in Meiringen from our exclusive cotton fabrics. Our fabrics are manufactured according to stringent environmental criteria and comply with the Oeko-Tex-100 and Bluesign production standards, thus ensuring eco-friendliness and sustainable production. Our shirts also meet the highest quality requirements.
This is what we, the Jenni Family, stand for.

Our men’s range

Edelweiss Hemd
Some of the shirt styles we offer have been around in Switzerland since the mid-19th century. There is a difference though – the materials used today are produced to the latest standards in weaving technology and have a very soft hand feel.

Please pay attention to the sizing details for our shirts. Traditional shirts are usually cut rather generously, and you might want to go down a size. Modern styles have a “slim fit” cut. You will find more information in the product details under “sizing information”.

We also offer custom tailoring and special sizes for many of our shirt styles.

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Original Edelweiss shirts

You will recognize an Original Edelweiss shirt by the shape of the edelweiss flower, which is a little wider than usual.

The fabric we have selected for the Original Edelweiss shirts is 100% cotton with a comfortable, slightly fleeced interior. It is particularly hardwearing thanks to the use of double-yarn quality textile, which has a climate-regulating effect and is perfect for the Swiss climate.

Original EDLERweiss shirts

Mod. dép.

modernes Edelweisshemd
Our edelweiss fabric served as the template for the new EDLERweiss fabric designed by us in 2012. What sets it apart is the use of state-of-the-art weaving technology which enhances the edelweiss pattern and colour structure. This innovation enables us to offer fresh and even more modern colour combinations.

Original swiss farmer shirts

Oxford shirts


Similar styles of shirt made from Oxford weave or basketweave textiles have been produced in Switzerland for over 150 years. This material is especially soft and comfortable to wear, which is why it is popular with farmers for working in the fields. This is how the shirts came to be known as farmer shirts.

Original blacksmith shirts

Work shirts for blacksmiths and metal workers

The age of industrialization led to a need for work clothes that offered protection against sparks. Particularly dense cotton textiles were developed, which gradually replaced the more expensive leather for manual workwear.

Our blacksmith shirts are made from a similarly dense fabric, which makes them particularly hardwearing and durable. 

Swiss wrestler shirts

"Hoselupf Collection"
Mod. dép.

Swiss wrestlers often compete in traditional Swiss wrestler shirts, or alternatively in edelweiss or farmer shirts. Our “Hoselupf Collection” (“Hoselupf” is the Swiss-German vernacular term for Swiss wrestling, also known as “Schwingen”) pays homage to this powerful and fascinating sport. The collection is made from material of the same quality as our edelweiss fabric and features a wrestling-themed pattern.

Winemaker shirts

Mod. dép.

Inspired by our EDLERweiss fabric, we went on to design our winemaker fabric. This textile is also based on our edelweiss fabric quality and features a grape-themed pattern. It pays homage to wine and the makers of this exquisite commodity – the wine growers and winemakers. 

Flannel lumberjack shirts

Holzfäller Flanellhemd
Shirts for manual workers in North America were often made from flannel material, often in a checked pattern. Predominantly worn by forestry workers, these garments are today simply known as lumberjack shirts.

You will find classic patterns and modern interpretations of these shirts in our product range. All shirts are made from top-quality, double-yarn flannel fabric. 

Edelweiss waistcoats

Edelweiss Gilet
Our Edelweiss waistcoats are made in Switzerland and offer a superior fit. The high-quality satin lining means that they wear particularly well over shirts.

Waistcoats are available in all of our fabrics.
Tip: Wear an Edelweiss waistcoat over a Contrast shirt – for instance to an event in an Alpine chic ambiance.

Edelweiss hooded jacket

Edelweiss Hoody
For an urban lifestyle paired with functionality and a touch of tradition, you can’t go wrong with our Jenni Junior collection. This collection subtly incorporates the traditional edelweiss fabrics and interprets them in a fresh way.

For instance our Edelweiss “Hoodie” hooded jacket.

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