Märithüsli AG

Jenni Family

Familie Jenni  - Märithüsli Brienz
Patrik, 35
Alfred, 63
Rea, 27, mit Leonardo, 1
Therese, 60
Samuel, 31


The Märithüsli story in brief:

Jenni Family – Growing up in the city of Bern, Therese and Alfred Jenni felt drawn to the Bernese Oberland from an early age. Nature, the idyllic Alpine landscape and maybe even a touch of the hippie urge for independence inspired the young couple to launch their own company manufacturing high-quality, sustainable products. In this respect nothing has changed, and the younger generation in the family business remains true to the tried-and-tested recipe. An informal, intergenerational exchange of ideas allows us to develop our product range on multiple levels and make our new lines in Swiss folklore fashion accessible to urban areas and consumers.

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